Competitive advantage to be able to offer the best service to customers is essential to ensure the development of human resources and the establishment of systems to ensure the company to apply for the appropriate elements, the mutual relationship between the company and the employees will have the highest level of satisfaction studies.

Based on mutual trust and cooperation between the company and its employees is a bond, a harmonious work environment created by high productivity of employees, To treat all employees equally and fairly under the current circumstances,

When GAZiOGLU UCLER element as race, religion, language, gender issues unrelated to the person's performance and capabilities, without discrimination, a higher level of morality, well-trained, dynamic and open to change, positive thinking, educate staff and our cast their corporate values ​​to be taken in this way,

Education programs, ensuring the development of up to maximize the reach of our employees, and to support them in their work to develop guidance on how best they can be, individuals will be an important criterion for performance evaluation of the contributions to the development of other employees.

With particular emphasis on in-house promotions, employee promotions, age, race, and gender to develop itself as an independent skilled people consistently superior performance, presenting the opportunity to progress,

Personelimizin bireysel gücünü en yüksek düzeyde etkin kılmak, çalışanlarımızın kişisel insiyatif kullanma, liderlik ve yenilikçilik gibi özelliklerine teşvik edilmesi, yeteneklerini, güçlerini ve yaratıcıklarını şirket hedefleri yönünde kullanabilmeleri, ekip çalışmasını şirket genelinde ve tüm departmanlarda teşvik edilmesinin sağlanması,

To enable the highest level of personal power of our staff, employees use personal initiative, to promote leadership and innovation capabilities, talents, strengths and goals of the company to exercise their creativity, team work, and all departments across the company to promote the provision of

Or Human Resources personnel across the company and wishes to complain about the rest, to determine the current and potential problems, ensuring the resolution of problems,

Corporate culture, honesty, respect for the individual, no matter what the circumstances, do the right thing and be the best at what we do is built on the principles,

Human Resources system has been established in this context, it is always the main basis for the "HUMAN" factor has been. Human Resources system, our objectives, goals, and is structured in accordance with the terms of reference ..